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Techniks Function Line Vario CNC Aggregate Head

Techniks Function Line Vario CNC Aggregate Head
Techniks Function Line Vario CNC Aggregate Head
Function Line Vario CNC Aggregate Head More details...
To order or for questions, please call 877-866-5795 or email for details.
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Product Details
Application Boring, routing, and sawing
Spindle Speed Max. 10,000 RPM
Tool Speed Max. 15,000 RPM
Rotation Aggregate can be rotated 360°
Gear Ratio 1:1.48
Spindle Direction Same
Maximum Torque 15ft/lbs
Maximum Temp. 185° F
Outputs M5, R6

M5 - ER 25 Collet

R6 - ER 32 Collet
Manufacturer: Techniks
Product: CNC Aggregate Head

• Output: single, variable angle aggregate (0° - 100°)
• Gearing lubrication: grease
• Spindle speed: 15,000 RPM
• Tool speed: 15,000 RPM
• Output options: combination ER25 and saw blade

Aggregate heads are used for:
Vario Aggregate head can route, drill, and mortise any angle from 0° to 100°
•Most flexible of any aggregate head
•Create "impossible" custom profiles and mortises
•Faster sizing and grooving (saw blade) than with router bits

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