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Techniks Function Line Floating Head CNC Aggregate Head

Techniks Function Line Floating Head CNC Aggregate Head
Techniks Function Line Floating Head CNC Aggregate Head
Function Line Floating Head CNC Aggregate Head More details...
To order or for questions, please call 877-866-5795 or email for details.
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Product Details
Function Line Floating Head Specs

Dedicated Spindle Output Options
Dedicated Spindle Output Options

Modular System Options
Modular System Options
Manufacturer: Techniks
Product: CNC Aggregate Head

output: single output, 10mm of adjustable float, follows contour of stock for even cutting depth and edge machining
gearing lubrication: grease
spindle speed: 18,000 RPM
tool speed: 18,000 RPM
output options: ER25, ER32, ER40, arbor

Accurately follows material surface
Compensates up to 10mm
Pressure adjusts from 1/4 to 20 lbs.

The floating CNC aggregate head accurately follows the contours of your stock so cutting depth remains constant even if surface varies as much as 10mm. The CNC aggregate comes with the standard floating bell, an ER 25 or ER 32 spindle output (your choice) and a wrench. The convenient presetting feature allows you to perform fast tool adjustments. There is a compressed air connection on the aggregate to provide dust evacuation. Options include a variety of floating bells, shoes, and sleighs that are all interchangeable, various spindle outputs, and for improved dust control we recommend the Chip Guide.

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