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ER-32 Collets

Techniks collets are manufactured from high carbon-bearing steel and are heat treated for improved clamping range and longer life. They provide unsurpassed accuracy and holding power to extend cutting tool life. Each collet is hand inspected for quality and accuracy.

CNCRouterBitsXP offers great prices and a huge selection of CNC Collets for CNC Tool Holders. At it's easy to find the ER-32 Collet you are looking for. At you'll find it fast, we'll ship it fast, all at a great price!

Techniks specials

Browse these categories under "ER-32 Collets"

ER32 - Inches

ER32 - Inches

ER32 CNC Collets - dimensions displayed in inches.

ER32 - Metric

ER32 - Metric

ER32 CNC Collets - dimensions displayed with metric measurements.

CNCRouterbitsXP offers CNC Router Bits & CNC Bits, Spiral Router Bits
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